How We Work

Our five-step project approach


Introduction to the 5 step approach

Pentadel supports clients throughout the UK with the smooth, timely and cost-effective delivery of complex engineering projects and capital works programmes.



Step 1:
Due Diligence

The Pentadel team supports clients from the earliest stages of their projects; we test the business case, weigh feasibility and assess risks, before any further time or cost is committed. 

The aim is to develop a programme of preparatory activities – which in turn enables our clients to achieve an accurate project definition and robust cost estimate during the next stage.

By the end of this first phase, clients are able to make an initial go/no go decision.  Furthermore, they have a thorough understanding of the work that will be required to achieve a realistic cost and schedule estimate at the next stage.


Step 2:
Project Definition

We often see projects that have been kicked off with little or no documented scope of requirements; this in turn makes it all but impossible to tie the natural development of the project back to a business case.

It is therefore common practice at Pentadel for us to work hand in hand with our clients to understand their project’s true business drivers and to capture the scope of requirements – this enables us to support them in ensuring that the final installation accurately meets the business’ expectations. 

During this second phase, our team’s services span:

  • Design brief and capture of the project requirements
  • Procurement strategy and programme
  • Project budget and risk identification
  • Responsibility matrix and execution strategy

At the end of this phase, the client can make a final go/no go decision, armed with an understanding of how the project will be delivered and robust cost and schedule estimate.



Step 3:
Design, Tender and Procurement

Without a strong, independent steer, it is all too easy during the design phase to get blind-sided by fanciful nice-to-haves – with costly consequences. ‘Scope creep’ is a common phenomenon – but it often goes unchecked until tendering begins, by which point, significant time is required to re-evaluate the design and undertake a value engineering exercise to bring the project back to its original scope.

Our staged process ensures that we enter this third stage armed with a robust definition of the project’s requirements.  We oversee the entire design, tender and procurement process to ensure that it is executed to best satisfy those requirements – limiting ‘scope creep’.



Step 4:
Construction Management

Your Pentadel team will remain present throughout the construction phase, assuming responsibility for the day-to-day management of the principal contractor, ensuring not only that works remain on track, but that all of the client’s obligations under CDM 2015 are met. 

During construction, our focus remains on ensuring that the project’s scope remains as agreed, and that the business case stays front of mind.  We manage and coordinate all design and construction parties, ensuring that the rigour of good project controls are not lost as the inevitable pressures of construction
take hold. 




Step 5:
Maintenance and Phased Development 

Finite resources and time pressures often dictate a phased approach to clients’ longer term development requirements.  Having overseen the construction and hand over a client’s project puts us in an optimum position to manage not only the ongoing maintenance of the installation, but also of the planning and development of any required follow on phases.