Delivering Complex Engineering Projects and Capital Works Programmes.


Welcome to Pentadel Project Management

Pentadel’s experienced, independent team of engineers, architects, designers and project managers can help you to design, build or procure facilities that will support your business' growth plans and enable it to thrive in the long term.  Achieving this requires us not only to take a brief and to promise to deliver it "on time and to budget" - but to ensure that what’s eventually delivered is exactly what you want and need.

We do this by taking the time to get under the skin of your business, to listen to your story, to understand the vision - or indeed the pain points - that are driving your investment plans, to look critically at whether the plan is indeed feasible, and whether it can be improved to incur a greater return, faster, and to bring a best-fit team to the table to ensure that whatever is eventually constructed lives up its promise. 

Our commitment to keep your goals at heart and to act at all times in your best interests is, we believe, what makes us different.  

Furthermore, we promise to:

  • help you maintain control of your project

  • manage and own risk on your behalf

  • ensure that your project has the lowest possible environmental impact

  • see that your project is completed safely and can be operated safely

  • make sure your project is delivered without unforeseen operating costs


Our Team

Pentadel is an independently owned business, founded upon the impassioned belief that a systematic approach, an open mind and a willingness to listen carefully and communicate proficiently are the cornerstones of project success.  

The Pentadel team shares more than eight decades’ experience developing and delivering complex, multi-disciplinary engineering projects for a range of blue chip and leading organisations worldwide, including Harrods, BSkyB, Clear Power, Shell, Dairy Crest and Tata. 

Our Clients